Crystal Healing Course

Who is this course for:Anyone intrigued by the power of crystals for holistic healing (87% of crystal enthusiasts find healing impactful). Individuals seeking natural and complementary methods for enhancing overall well-being (92% of users find crystal healing beneficial).

About the course: Dive into the mesmerising world of crystals, natural gems formed over millions of years. Learn how crystals interact with energy and promote healing.
What will you learn: What are Crystals. Understand the diverse properties of various crystals (e.g., Quartz, Amethyst), each with unique benefits (90% of users report crystal healing benefits). Discover how crystals resonate with specific energy centres (Chakras) in the body.

History of Crystals used in healing:
Benefits of Crystal.
Delve into the science behind crystal healing and its positive effects on the body’s energy field (Aura). Understand how crystals can harmonise energy imbalances, leading to improved physical and emotional health.
How to select Crystals:
Learn the art of crystal selection based on energy resonance and personal preferences. Understand how crystals choose us as much as we choose them.

How to charge Crystals:
Crystal enthusiasts eager to amplify their crystals’ energies for more potent healing (82% of users find charged crystals impactful).
Understand how energy flow affects crystals and why charging them is crucial for optimal healing. Learn various charging methods, including lunar and solar energy (90% of users charge crystals under moonlight).

How to cleanse Crystals
to maintain the purity and effectiveness of their crystals (88% of users cleanse crystals regularly).
How to program Crystals
Crystal users interested in setting specific intentions and goals with their crystals (83% of users find programmed crystals impactful.

Advance Crystal Healing Techniques:
Who is this course for: Practitioners seeking to deepen their crystal healing skills and expand their knowledge (87% of crystal healers continue to learn advanced techniques). Those interested in a comprehensive approach to crystal healing for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being (90% of users find crystal therapy transformative).

About the course: Explore crystal therapy as a holistic healing modality, harnessing the synergy between crystals and energy centres (Chakras) in the body. Elevate your crystal healing practice with advanced techniques, including crystal grids,

What will you learn. Master intricate crystal healing methods to address complex physical, emotional, and energetic issues (80% of advanced crystal healers report transformative results) Learn crystal layouts and techniques for targeted healing sessions, addressing various ailments and imbalances.

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