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Begin a healing journey through our unique methods. We promote holistic wellness and insight, revealing new life paths. Transform your awareness and well-being now.


Tarot Reader

Embark on an enlightening journey with Tarot. Our readings inspire profound growth, shedding light amidst chaos. Unlock new possibilities, navigate wisely, and transform your future with clear vision.


Life Coach

A transformative journey with our Life Coaching. We fuel your personal growth, illuminate amidst confusion and unlock your potential. Steer your life wisely, embrace change, and manifest your desired future.

Divine Bliss offers training & coaching on different healing, therapies & life skills. Some of the workshops are –

Tarot Course

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing

Angel Healing

White light Healing

Chakra Healing

In person and distance



  • Tarot Reading
  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • White light healing
  • Angel healing
  • Chakra Work (Scanning Cleansing Balancing- Charging)
  • Aura cleansing
  • Manifestation Coaching
  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • LOA tools & remedies.
  • Switch words & Energy circles.
  • Subconscious rewiring and Mind Mastery.

Discover Inner Harmony

Experience deep serenity with Reiki Healing & Life Coaching. Release blockages, restore balance, and unleash your potential with Bina’s guidance. Find inner harmony and lead a fulfilled life.


Embrace Holistic Healing

Nurture mind, body, and soul with diverse modalities. Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, and more rejuvenate your being. Embrace holistic well-being and feel revitalized.


Spiritual Path

Explore profound insights through Tarot Readings & Intuitive Healing. Gain clarity, connect with your higher self, and discover your life’s purpose. Embark on an enlightening spiritual journey.

About Bina

Divine Bliss is a spiritual space and healing centre, one of it’s kind in Cuttack, Odisha established by Bina Sheth.
Bina, an alumni of Mumbai University having successfully worked in Stock Market with her husband for more than a decade. She is actively engaged in several community and social work since many years and has been associated with many NGOs for the upliftment of the tribal communities in Odisha.
She is now an Internationally Certified Psychic Tarot Card Reader, Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner, Internationally Certified Reiki Master, Crystal, Angel Healer, Law of Attraction Coach & a White light Healer. Being a Guide, Mentor, Counselor and a Life Coach to several people across the globe. She is experienced and exceptionally inspiring in her work and connects and has an amazing spiritual aura.
Introduced to Brahm-Sambandh by her grandparents, a religious path of Pusti Bhakti Marg since the tender age of 9 Years Bina and is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna has dedicated her life to Thakurji’s Seva. (Young Shri Krishna) She is also a Yoga Practitioner since her childhood.
Through some mysterious life experiences she came to an awakening and an inner calling to choose the spiritual path for a divine purpose and help humans in the best possible way.
She mindfully channelised her energies through meditation for almost 12 years and then took to the path of helping people with compassion, wisdom, intuition, and knowledge.
Her interest in the occult sciences developed further and she learnt more about it from some of the well known masters in the field, which further helped tap into her higher self and serve people in distress in the best possible way.
As it is believed that being professional is the best way to get valued and also get the energy flowing consistently, she started pursuing various healing practices professionally since past 5 years.

Our expert services –

Tarot Reading, Healing, Counselling

After spending most of my life believing that I had to put aside my own needs to take career action, I finally realized that I do not have to choose between being self-organized and creative in business. Learn more about it in my book.

If you want to

Transform Your Life

Embrace Clarity

Unlock Your Potential

Have a talk that might change the way you think about the gratitude for yourself and others and also tickle your mind and nerves for explore hidden potential in you.

Bina Sheth's article in Odisha TV

Customers Reviews

I found this program very refreshing & energizing for me. I am a firm believer in mindfulness and I have learned new insights and useful techniques I use pretty much everyday. Feeling the energy gives you more energy !!

Get Expert Opinion and Help

The authenticity and sincerity with which you conduct your practice are heartwarming. You bring a sense of comfort and solace to those seeking guidance, providing a safe space for them to explore their innermost thoughts and emotions
Binaykrushna Rath

What do people say?

Testimonials from the folks who changed their lives – for better.

Sreetika Ray Mahapatra, Investment Banker at J.P.Morgan,Mumbai

Jigna Mehta Unnati Institute- Handwriting & Phonics expert Ex-President Inner Wheel Jalgoan

Madhubrata Mishra Govt Employee at Cuttack

Tanu Khanna IIT Delhi, Scientists at NASA USA & Praveen Khanna,IIT Delhi Works at MNC, USA

I have never met such a genuine person in my life as like Bina ma'am! She is definitely a gem of a person! She exactly n accurately predicts what's ur prblm, gives appropriate solution to that! Moreover she will be a guide to u! If by any mean u get in touch with her do realree that universe has sent a savior for you! Do understand that universe is sending u some sort of signal!

Bhumika Ray Sa Re Ga Ma fame, Medical Aspirant

Bina sheth is a rock star. Like a bonafide-queen-of-the-mountain-genius. No one compares. After reading with her and her phenomenal cards, I walk away speechless, wondering how she's able to offer such pinpoint accuracy, so consistently. It's mind blowing! She's thorough, yet quick as a bunny. Magic doesn't even begin to describe the mad skills she brings to her craft. Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and spitfire personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a tarot reading to be. And it's because of all these qualities, her reputation is stellar amongst those that know her.

Ravi Chaurasia BMS,MBA, Works at Senior Executive at Reliance General Insurance.

She is a blessed soul to love to help people.she sees our problem as her own and guide us, A Very very compassionate ,genuine and honest person, after the chakra session and after her reading I got so much clarity for my life ...she shows me the path shows me the light ... people like her radiates at higher vibrations who help us through their god gifted quality...I was lost after the session I am back in form... a simple thank you can't show my gratitude towards you... you're so nice ma'am blessed with your god gifted quality...your foresight is also accurate. you're a divine person.

Sudeshna Mandal Doctor Govt Hospital, Odisha

I would highly recommend Mrs. Sheth to anyone going through difficult times, struggling with anxiety, or having problems with creating a long term vision. Mrs. Sheth helped, guided and motivated me -through her healing during one of the most uncertain times in my life. I only had a few months to find a full-time job in the US before the expiration of my visa, and I was naturally feeling very anxious. Mrs. Sheth did tarot card reading and predicted really positive outcomes-related to job, location etc--which all came true! She also performed deep healing virtually which balanced my imbalanced chakras, and also taught me the importance of the power of our universe. I'm very grateful for having her in my life, and I would unhesitatingly go to her with any small problem!

Nikhit Mago Data Scientist at Amazon, USA

The readings are very accurate and true.. It was relatable for me... If you have any questions and want to know the answer with Tarot card reading, she is the best. You can also contact her through WhatsApp and she can do your reading online.

Ashish Kumar Mishra Scientist at ISRO

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